Corporate purposes

  ● Unite sincerely, learn and innovate; open up the market, first-class products.

  ● Work hard and enterprising, pursue excellence; criticize first, praise second.

  ● Ask for instructions on everything, and actively report; guidance beforehand, accountability afterwards.

  ● The procedure is the first and the system is the big one; strict implementation starts with me.

  ● Strengthen management and achieve great cause; managers are the key to the long-term existence of an enterprise.

  team spirit

  ● Strengthen the sense of competition, build team aggregation; respect technical talents, and cultivate reserve employees.

  ● Strengthen mutual help and learning, and develop common potential; the strength of the team is endless, and the team achieves brilliant achievements.

  Sincere letter

  ● Treat each other with sincerity, change heart with heart!

  ● What customers confessed is our promise!

  ● If you have a promise, you must do your best!

  ● Think what customers think and help customers need!

  ● I would rather sweat more than make customers feel difficult for a while!

  ● Customer first, quality first!

  ● Keep improving, win-win cooperation!

  Excellent Leadership Guidelines

  ● Be brave to innovate and diligent in review; take the lead and strictly observe the rules.

  ● Good at communicating and guiding correctly; being strict in self-discipline and setting an example.

  ● Cultivate others and grow yourself; unite forge ahead, efficiently generate income.

  Excellent Staff Guidelines

  ● Study hard and practice hard to improve skills; work steadily and start small things.

  ● Ask if you don't understand, learn from each other's strengths and make up for your weaknesses; take responsibility for your mistakes and strive for progress.

  ● Unite and cooperate, treat people sincerely; love work and dedication.